Direct IT Support

How we provide IT Support directly to you

We offer a plethora of options in which we deliver our IT Support & services when you most need it. 

  • Email Notifications / Portal Login
    Network UK Consultancy offers a ticketing service enabling you to send any IT problems   to [email protected] You will receive regular updates on the progress of your   problem via e-mail and, as always, our main priority is to resolve your problem as quickly  and efficiently as possible. 
  • Live Chat
    Visit to chat to our online team who are always happy to deal with you.
  • Remote Control Anywhere in the world 
    Visiting our website can also allow the engineer to take control of your PC for instant and reliable remote support. 
    Our software will allow one of our technicians to take control of your PC no matter where you are in the world. The software will remove itself after we log-off keeping your PC safe   and secure
  • By Phone
    We provide a call back service via our website or, alternatively, you can call us on   0845 6804834
  • Invoices & Engineers Reports
    Invoices are sent via email with accompanying engineers report.
Support Online chat

Contact details

Please contact us using the following details, or via our contact page.

 0845 6804 834